Activities at The Nixon's Bay Side Inn

Calibishie, Commonwealth of Dominica

As a guest at The Nixon's Bay Side Inn there are many activities you and your friends can participate in or just come to experience. Whether you are a passive participant or you are looking for the more "active" adventure, we can arrange an activity to suit your tastes.  Be sure to ask when making an inquiry.

Sea Turtle Watching

  • Each year between March and June the Leather Back Turtle returns to Dominica to lay their eggs. They then return to the sea. Winston Nixon, manager of The Nixon's Bay Side Mangrove Inn can act as your tour guide to explain the turtle's habits and will show you the Turtles. . . One of the unique adventures you can experience on the" Nature Island of the Caribbean".

Farm Tours

  • Winston can arrange for you and your friends to travel the farm roads to see the way farming is done here in Dominica. The tour will take you to an active farm and you will have a chance to sample some of the many tropical fruits which make this island so famous. You will see why this island is the food supplier to so many other Caribbean Islands.

Other Guided Tours can be arranged

  • Calibishie Village in and around the area
  • Island tours
  • Beach excursions . .  there are 5 good swimming and relaxing beaches close to Calibishie
  • Guided Hiking - The island has an extensive trail network. You can check the Waitukubuli National Trail web site for details about this exciting trail.

YouTube Video - A drive down the main street of Calibishie

Come experience the local culture

The Nixon's Bay Side Mangrove Inn

On the bay front
Calibishie, Commonwealth of Dominica

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